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maison pierre naturelle style moderne adornetto

Masonry Kelly

Masonry contractor specializing in the installation and size of natural stone.

Maçonnerie Kelly has contracted for more than 70 years in the masonry field based on the quality of its personalized services. Our company mainly carries out large-scale residential projects where artistic know-how is required. The mastery of the size and the installation of different types of natural stones sets us apart. In order to create a prestigious residence that will be part of Quebec's heritage for many years to come, Maçonnerie Kelly offers you to personalize your home through the choice of multiple stone colors and unique installation style. Our passion and our experience will build the vision you dreamed of.

A century and a half ago, the Kelly family left the cold mists of Ireland and the famine that decimated a third of the population there. Since that time, several brotherhoods of Kelly masons have marked the Monteregian plain with stone works. Throughout the 50s and 60s and 70s, Jim, Guy, Charles and Raymond built traditional hearths and houses in round pebbles and split pebbles. They have passed on an art that makes them the best craftsmen in the profession. Thus, they were able to participate in the renovation of historic buildings such as Fort Chambly.

In the 80s until today, Patrick and Louis take over. Fashion is in the stone quarry of Hemmingford charm . A cut stone which will be used for the construction of prestigious house and will adapt to modern architecture. A novelty, the thin stone, simplifies work at height.

So, choosing Maçonnerie Kelly means connecting with an ancestral tradition by ensuring you quality work at a competitive price. Give value to your property, choose a team with an aesthetic sense for the installation of natural stone.

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Entire house



Stone entrance

Low wall / wall

Indoor fireplace / Fireplace


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Patrick Kelly and Louis Kelly

255 Rue Bella, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

450 358-0610 or 450 357-0464
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9330-6140 Quebec inc
rbq - 5713 7945

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